2019/20 Speakers
Sept. 26, 2019Karen Combs
Jan. 23, 2020Peggy Gelbrich
April 23, 2020Laura Heine
July 23, 2020 Mary Lou Weidman
Sept. 24, 2020TBA

Workshop Policy:
Our workshops are open only to members until 20 days prior to our scheduled meetings. At that time, if space is available, non-members may sign up for the workshops.
There are a few housekeeping items to review about registering for classes. The class registration forms can be found in the newsletter and below. Class Registration Reminders:
  • Fill out the form completely and legibly.
  • Include your email address if you have one as this is the primary way supply lists and other class information is delivered.
  • Include the ENTIRE form with your check so that it is clear which class you are signing up for.
  • Include your check with the registration form. You are not registered for a class until payment is received. Spaces will not be held without payment.

To register for a workshop, click here to download PDF form, complete and mail to Paula.

For further information contact Paula:

FYI:Laura Heine’s April 2020 Friday & Saturday classes are completely full. Please contact Paula if you wish to be added to the Wait List.

Speakers & Workshops    
Peggy Gelbrich Is our Guest Speaker in January

Peggy Gelbrich has been quilting and helping others learn the joy of quilt making for over 40 years. As a quilt teacher, sharing the art of quilt making is her passion.
She has taught quilt making across the United States and in Canada teaching at large guild classes, quilting retreats and small private groups in her home. Her teaching style won her a nomination for Quilt Teacher of the Year sponsored by the Professional Quilter.

Peggy loves making traditional quilt patterns look new again with modern fabrics and techniques. She enjoys trying and learning different techniques in the quilt making process, always looking for an easier way to conquer those seemingly intricate patterns.

Originally from Oregon, Peggy spent 22 years in Ketchikan, Alaska with her husband, Ron, raising their three children. With the children grown she and her husband have come back home to Oregon.

Peggy will be giving a workshop on Friday, Jan. 24th and Saturday, Jan. 25th.

Friday's workshop will be "Glorious Clams".

Saturday's workshop will be "Hunter's Star".

Please plan on attending one or both of these workshops!!!

FYI:Laura Heine’s April 2020 Friday & Saturday classes are completely full. Please contact Paula if you wish to be added to the Wait List.
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Karen Combs Joins Us In September 
Heather Black Is Our Speaker In July 
Laura Fogg Is Our April Speaker 
Kathy McNeil is our Speaker in January 
Becky Goldsmith is September's Speaker 
Speakers - Previous
Karen Combs Joins Us In September
Heather Black Is Our Speaker In July
Laura Fogg Is Our April Speaker
Becky Goldsmith is September's Speaker
Kimberly Einmo July 2018
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January speaker is Karen Shoepflin Hagen
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