2018 Speakers
2018 Speakers
January 2018Karen Schoepflin-Hagen
April 2018Meg Hawkey
July 2018Kimberly Einmo
September 2018Becky Goldsmith
January 2019Kathy McNeil

Workshop Policy:
Our workshops are open only to members until 20 days prior to our scheduled meetings. At that time, if space is available, non-members may sign up for the workshops.
There are a few housekeeping items to review about registering for classes. The class registration forms can be found in the newsletter and below. Class Registration Reminders:
  • Fill out the form completely and legibly.
  • Include your email address if you have one as this is the primary way supply lists and other class information is delivered.
  • Include the ENTIRE form with your check so that it is clear which class you are signing up for.
  • Include your check with the registration form. You are not registered for a class until payment is received. Spaces will not be held without payment.

To register for a workshop, click here to download pdf, complete this form and mail to Paula.

For further information contact Paula:
firstvp@wsqspokane.org .

Speakers & Workshops    

Our January speaker is Karen Shoepflin Hagen. She will be presenting to us a magnificent collection of quilts, original designs that will inspire and create awe at how one women can create so many wonderful quilts.

Karen uses conventional quilting techniques. She generally uses traditional quilting materials. But when she weaves traditional techniques and materials with her boundless creative energy and imagination, the result is anything but conventional.

Her awesome quilts have been displayed many times and they never fail to create excitement and amazement at how she creates a true piece of art with fabric and thread. She often takes as much time (or more) to image and design her beautiful works of art.

Hagen started quilting in 1975. She joined a quilting group in her native Viola, Idaho.
These are not your grandmother's quilts. Even before you've seen her quilts, Karen, from Genesee, Idaho, draws you in with her velvet voice, and with how, when she talks about her art, she delivers every word with a sort of awe.

She quilts from her heart and her stories about the inspiration for each quilt will make you laugh and maybe even shed a tear or two.

Please join us at our afternoon or evening meeting in January to enjoy Karen’s wonderful stories and beautiful quilts.
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Lynn Koolish Is Our Speaker In July 
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