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- WSQ Spokane
WSQ Events for 2015

WSQ meets quarterly
2426 N. Discovery Place
Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Meeting Time: 1:00 & 7:00pm

Click here for information about Centerplace and meetings

Meeting Speakers 2015

  • January 22 Ricki Selva
  • April 23 Bonnie Hunter
  • July 23 Nancy Lee Chong
  • September 24 Maggie Ball

    Click here for more information about speakers and workshops

    Quilting Bees
    We sew and have fun together for a day.
    The next Quilting Bees are:

  • February 14
  • May 9
  • August 8
  • October 10

    Click here for more information about the Quilting Bees

    Bus Trips
    June 6, 2015

    Click here for more information

    37th Annual Quilt Show
    October 16-18, 2015
    (Sunday 10:00-4:00)

    Spokane County Fair & Expo Center
    404 N. Havana Spokane, WA 99202

    WSQ's quilt show features over 500 quilts, Merchant Mall, three days of speakers and demonstrations, and a boutique.

  • It's Time to Enter Your Quilts in your Local Fair!
    WSQ has been awarding the fair ribbons since 2003. We first started our awards in 2003 with 5 fairs: Coeur d Alene, Colfax, Davenport, Deer Park and Spokane.

    Click here for deadlines and contacts.

    Over the years we have given ribbons to quilts shown in fairs and now we are up to 10 fairs.
    Click here for more information. Deadlines and contacts for entering your quilt in 2015 fairs will be posted later. Start looking in July for the information.

    Click here for the complete list of 1st to 3rd place WSQ ribbon winners.

    To enlarge photos of the quilts that were awarded 1st place ribbons by WSQ in 2014 click on the picture.

    Colfax (Palouse Empire Fair): Tami Drader

    Colville (Northeast County Fair): Stella Berendsen
    Davenport (Lincoln County Fair): Eva Reimer

    Moses Lake (Grant County Fair): Carole Johnson

    Coeur d'Alene (North Idaho Fair): Carla Jentry

    (Ferry County Fair): Marlene Oddie

    (Wheat Land Communities Fair): Yvonne Andersen

    Rockford (Southeast County Fair): Chris Mewhinney

    Spokane Interstate Fair: Shelby Whitson

    Originally WSQ had only awarded one prize to Spokane Interstate Fair. The winner would receive a $100 gift certificate.

    I proposed that in order to promote quilting in the Inland Empire, perhaps we should expand our awards program. WSQ Board enthusiastically approved of the changes.

    We first started in 2003 with five fairs: CDA, Colfax, Davenport, Deer Park and Spokane. We expanded to eight fairs (2007): CDA, Clayton, Colfax, Colville, Davenport, Rockford, Ritzville, and Spokane.

    The board also expanded our awards in 2007 to first place money and ribbon and in addition two more ribbons for each fair (2nd and 3rd place winners).

    CDA - North Idaho Fair 1st place $25/ribbon2nd & 3rd ribbons
    Clayton - Clayton Community Fair1st place $20/ribbon2nd & 3rd ribbons
    Colfax - Palouse Empire Fair1st place $20/ribbon2nd & 3rd ribbons
    Colville - Northeast Washington Fair1st place $20/ribbon2nd & 3rd ribbons
    Davenport - Lincoln County Fair1st place $20/ribbon2nd & 3rd ribbons
    Ritzville - Wheatland Communities Fair1st place $20/ribbon2nd & 3rd ribbons
    Rockford - Southeast Spokane Co. Fair1st place $20/ribbon2nd & 3rd ribbons
    Spokane - Spokane Interstate Fair1st place $50/ribbon2nd & 3rd ribbons

    My Best, Wendy L. Sienknecht Quilt Promo/Fair Awardsfair.awards@wsqspokane.org

    It's time to add another 'wish list of to-dos' to your bucket list! Enter your beautiful quilt creations at your local fair.

    Win a WSQ ribbon and perhaps win first, for a cash prize that you can buy more fabric at your favorite quilt shop.

    Good Luck and See you at the Fair!

    2015 Information and deadlines(usually in August or September) for Inland Empire Fairs will be posted here later. Support your local fair and start thinking about which quilts YOU would like to enter.

    Here is a permanent link to share!
    Voucher Forms 
    Proposed Amendments to the WSQ Bylaws and Standing Rules 
    August, 2014
    WSQ-SC is a non-profit 501c (4)  
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    July 2015 Block Exchange - Summer Bloom 
    April 2015 Block Exchange: Butterfly 
    January 2015 Block Exchange: IRISH CHAIN 
    September Block Exchange: Basic Log Cabin 
    July Block Exchange: Woven Heart Star 
    April Block Exchange - Awareness Ribbon 
    January's Block Exchange - Woven Ribbons 
    Sept Block Exchange: "Fall Facets" 
    July Block Exchange: Calico Cats and Homespun Dogs 
    2015 Board Members 
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    June Bus Trip 
    September Bus Trip 
    5-24-2014 -- Bus Trip - 4 shops and a quilt show 
    9-28-2013 -- Next bus trip is Walla Walla 
    4-20-2013 -- Moscow, Idaho Quilt Show 
    Everyone has a good time on our bus trips. 
    2015 Calendar 
    2014 Summer Quilt Shows in Abundance! 
    2014 Quilting Events Will be Posted later in the Year 
    2013 -- WSQ connecting with several quilting events this year 
    Quilters Events for 2013 
    Quilting events for Summer and Fall 
    WSQ Events for 2015 
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    WSQ-SC has big plans for October's Quilt Show 
    WSQ Events for 2015 
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    The Paducah trip is a GO! 
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    Inland Empire Fairs 
    WSQ Quilts Grace the Shops and Businesses in La Conner, WA 
    60 quilts diplayed in WSQ Quilt Show afterwards
    La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum  
    Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Saturday July 14 
    The Winners of 2014 County Fairs 
    WSQ has been awarding the fair ribbons and cash prizes since 2003. 
    Photos of 2013 first place winners
    WSQ supplies ribbons for first to third place quilt winners in community fairs 
    Photos of 8 first place 2012 winners
    2015 Quilt Show Registration 
    online or PDF download -- your choice!
    Quilt Show Winners - 2014 
    WSQ and INMQ winners
    2014 - This Year's Show: My Heart Belongs to Quilting 
    Every October WSQ-SC Puts on a Quilt Show 
    Quilt Show is Run by Volunteers 
    Overwhelming response for drop-off volunteers
    2012 Show - Quilt Me A Garden  
    2012 Quilt Show Vendors 
    2012 Raffle Quilt 
    These hotels are offering special rates for the quilt show 
    List of Vendors for 2015 Quilt Show 
    Keep in Touch with WSQ-SC's Vendors 
    Information about the 2014 Quilt Show 
    More information about WSQ's Quilt Show 
    Enter your Consignments for the Boutique Now 
    Information about WSQ's Quilt Show 
    2015 There are a variety of positions needed for the quilt show 
    Winners for 2013 quilt show 
    2012 Photos of First Place Winners 
    2008 - 2013 Ribbon Awards in Prior Years 
    May 2015 Quilting Bee 
    Quilting Friends Are the Icing on the Cake 
    Time Flies When You're Having Fun 
    America The Beautiful 
    Butterflies Are Free 
    Snow Ball 
    Come enjoy a fun-filled day of quilting, door prizes, games, and potluck lunch. 
    Daisy Chains 
    May 11: Everyone is welcome!
    May Quilting Bee 
    February Quilting Bee 
    October Quilting Bee 
    May Block Exchange 
    Small quilting groups 
    Other Quilt Guild and Group Meeting 
    Small Groups 
    Meeting Speaker Schedule for 2014 
    Workshop Information 
    Bonnie Hunter -- April 2015 
    Ricki Selva - January 2015 Speaker  
    Nancy Amidon - September's's Speaker 2014 
    Cindy Needham - July 2014 
    Louisa Smith, 
    January 23, 2014 - Bonnie Sabel 
    September's Speaker is Karen Kay Buckley 
    July Speaker: Darlene Zimmerman 
    Ellen Anne Eddy - Thread Magic Garden 
    Thread Techniques
    Janet Fogg 
    Cathy Miller 
    Sylvia Pippen 
    Irena Bluhm 
    Pat Speth  
    Kim Diehl 
    Previous Speakers, Other Quilt Guilds & Groups. 
    Cara Gulati 
    Judy Niemeyer 
    2015 Quilt Show Entry is Open -- Vive la Difference, Celebrating All Quilters and Quilt Styles 
    online or PDF download -- your choice!
    Volunteer at Home in Your Jammies 
    Lots of opportunities with WSQ-SC 
    Upcoming WSQ Events 
    2014 Yard sale 
    WSQ's 2013 Annual Yard Sale 
    Buy quilting materials at bargain prices!
    2012 WSQ Quilter's Yard Sale 

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