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2018 Board Members
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For those committees that have 2 names listed, the chairman's name is listed first.
Kathleen Woods, Presidentpresident@wsqspokane.org
Paula Ferry, 1st V.P.(Speakers & workshops)firstvp@wsqspokane.org
Karen Mathison, 2nd V.P. (Quilt Show Chair)secondvp@wsqspokane.org
Darlene Boller, Secretarysecretary@wsqspokane.org
Robin Waggoner, Treasurertreasurer@wsqspokane.org
Edie Milanovich, Parliamentarianparliamentarian@wsqspokane.org
Block Exchange - Ethel Schuerman & Edith Milanovichblockexchange@wsqspokane.org
Bus Trips - Linda Hunt bus.trips@wsqspokane.org
Charity Central - Chairman - Jo Ann Sandstrom; Celia Benzel and Donna Russellcharitycentral@wsqspokane.org
Fair - Shel Lindemann and Donna June Kellams fair@wsqspokane.org
Finance - Cheryl Clossinfinance@wsqspokane.org
Fundraising - Connie Garrisonfundraising@wsqspokane.org
Historian - VacantNA
Hospitality - Donna Russellhospitality@wsqspokane.org
Librarian - Lois Collinslibrarian@wsqspokane.org
Membership - Carolyn Kruger & Winnie Therssenmembership@wsqspokane.org
Merchant Mall - Carolyn Kruger merchant.mall@wsqspokane.org
Newsletter - Kristin Echolsnewsletter@wsqspokane.org
Nominations - Patty Yedinaknominations@wsqspokane.org
Public Relations - Leslie Smithpublic.relations@wsqspokane.org
Quilting Bee - Deb Webbquilting.bees@wsqspokane.org
Quilt Promo � Fair Awards - Wendy Sienknechtfair.awards@wsqspokane.org
2018 Raffle Quilt - Maureen Cramer2018.raffle.quilt@wsqspokane.org
2019 Raffle Quilt - Shawna Troyer2019.raffle.quilt@wsqspokane.org
Small Groups - Betty Franzattismall.groups@wsqspokane.org
Volunteer Opportunities -Joan Halvorson volunteer.coordinator@wsqspokane.org
Yard Sale - Colleen Mussetteryard.sale@wsqspokane.org
Webmaster - Debra Holmes, Annie Sanderswebmaster@wsqspokane.org

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Board Members
2018 Board Members

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